Joe Castelli, NATX member, Rides 23 Continuous Hours in a Bike Marathon to Support All Neuropathy Patients

Joe Castelli, a neuropathy patient and member of NATX, who was an avid cyclist before he was diagnosed with painful idiopathic neuropathy, rode for 23 hours and covered 274 miles at the Pace Bend Ultra cycling event on February 2nd. Quite a feat for someone whose feet hurt constantly!  Joe completed the ride to challenge himself and inspire other neuropathy patients to find their own ways of living their best lives with their neuropathy.  We all thank you, Joe, and congratulations on a successful ride! Joe plans to don his bright yellow Neuropathy Alliance of Texas jersey on March 23, 2019 and continue his cycling at the 200 mile RAAM Challenge in the Texas Hill Country town of Castorville. If you are nearby, come on out to support Joe!!