August 30, 2017

Clinical Trials

Part of NATX’s mission is to support research, empowering patients to participate in clinical trials.

Clinical trials are crucial in researching for a cure for neuropathy and for more effective medications, healthier lives, and improved quality of life for our community.

In order for a new therapy or treatment to become FDA approved and available for use, it must be thoroughly tested on volunteer patients. Because of this, many therapies do not make it to the market because not enough volunteers participate in clinical trials. Not enough money can help skip this step in making the drug or device accessible, so patients play a largely important role in helping effective treatments reach those who need it.

And according to Neurology Now magazine, “Patients who participate in clinical trials tend to fare better than those who don’t- whether they receive the treatment or a placebo.” So participating in clinical trials not only helps positively impact the healthcare of your community and the country, but it can benefit you personally as well!

Click here to learn about clinical trials in your area.

To read more about the importance of participating in clinical trials, please visit the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy’s website.