May 5, 2016

Educational Videos

Concise Informational Videos about Neuropathy Produced by NATX:

Sara Austin, MD (handout)

Marshal Lyles, LMFT (handout)


General Neuropathy

Dr. Elizabeth Peña, UT

Yessar Hussain, MD (handout)

Adam Horvit, MD (handout)


Alternative Treatments

Susan Prins, LMT, MFA (handout)

Pete Deckinga (handout)

Jimmy Yen, LAc (handout)

Jimmy Yen, LAc


Balance and Exercise

Julie Wylie, Tai Chi Instructor (handout)

Julie O’Connor, BS, AEA (handout)


Emotional Health

Andrea Henderson, MA, LPC

Marshall Lyles LPC-S, LMFT, RPT-S

Deana Read, LPC (handout)


 Foot Care

Keith McSpadden, DPM



Tarie Beldin, RD, LD, FAND (handout)


 Pain Management

Mihnea Dumitrescu, MD (handout)
Please click here to visit Dr. Dumitrescu’s website

Bryan Skulpoonkitti, DO (handout)


Cherie Simpson, PhD, APRN CNS-BC (handout)

Dr. N.D. Victor Carsrud with People’s Pharmacy (handout)

Rani Das, MD (handout)

Sue Holstrom, RN (handout)

Barbra Hernandez

Stacy Dematos

Derrick Garcia, MD