March 13, 2018


Track the Progress of Your Neuropathy

Engaging in your healthcare leads to improved overall health!


Why is it Important to Measure and Monitor Your Symptoms?

Who is in charge of your healthcare? YOU!

By regularly completing Neuropathy Alliance of Texas’s self-assessment forms, you will be able to have actual data you can use to track the progress of your neuropathy. Our questionnaires and physical measurements will help you to measure your physical abilities and quality of life so that you can:

  • Stay informed about your health.
  • See if treatments are working or need to be modified.
  • Help keep your doctor informed with up-to-date data.
  • Advocate your health needs to your doctor.

These self-assessment tools establish baseline and trending information to compare changes in your condition, so you detect small changes before they progress to big ones. It’s important to take all of these self-assessments regularly. (We recommend completing all of these forms quarterly.)

Studies show that the more involved you are with your health care, the better you get. Doctors only have 15 minutes or less in the room with you; make the time count!

What do the Self-Assessments Measure?

Tool: Measures:
Self-Assessment Symptoms, type and level of pain, duration, treatments
Questionnaire for Daily Activities How symptoms affect daily activities
Physical Tests
Get Up and Go Test Weakness, balance, pain
One Leg Standing Balance Test Weakness, balance, pain

The first Self-Assessment Questionnaire and the Questionnaire for Daily Activities can tell you over time, if taken regularly, any changes in your neuropathy symptoms, overall health, and quality of life, which you can then share with your doctor to enhance your healthcare.

Physical Tests- these are more effective if you have someone else to time you.

* Please do at your own risk. We strongly recommend having someone else with you during these tests in case of falls and other injury risks. If needed, stand near a wall or chair to catch your fall. Neuropathy Alliance of Texas is not liable for any injury or harm due as a result of these assessments. These tools are designed to give you basic measurement tools to advocate your health to your healthcare professionals. Please always consult your doctor to assess any potential risks.

Complete a Self-Assessment for Neuropathy Symptoms

Click here to print and complete the self-assessment forms. We recommend that you save these forms and repeat quarterly to see any changes over time. You can bring these forms to your doctor appointments.