September 21, 2017

Spanish Educational Booklet Sponsorship $5,000

The primary focus of this opportunity is to educate and support Spanish-speaking physicians, patients, caregivers, and family members affected by neuropathy. 

The Explaining Peripheral Neuropathy educational booklet is a 26-page overview of peripheral neuropathy: the peripheral nerves, types of peripheral neuropathy, symptoms, causes, diagnoses, treatments, and getting help.  Two thousand booklets (in English) have been distributed to 50 physician offices in Texas over the past 3 years and have received superior praise from both physicians and patients.


As a sponsor of the booklet, your company will receive recognition on the back and inside cover of the booklet.  When the booklet is sent to physicians’ offices, a letter will be included, acknowledging your company as the sponsor/grant funder for making the booklet possible.  In addition, your company may order additional copies (at cost) to distribute to physicians’ offices by your representatives.


Currently, there is no Spanish educational booklet at this level of quality available for physicians to distribute to their neuropathy patients. With 1 in 15 people in the US diagnosed with neuropathy, the demand for this booklet is great and exceeds our current supply. Our goal is to redesign and update the booklet to include graphics, images, and charts and translate into Spanish.


The cost of this booklet includes redesign, printing, distribution and postage to doctor’s offices.

Translate to Spanish $1,500
Print (1,000 at $1.50 ea.) $1,500*
Distribution, mailing, supplies $2,000

*print price is subject to change

To become a Spanish Educational Booklet Sponsor, please contact Kelli Craddock, Executive Director: 512-586-6904.