September 21, 2017

Support Group Meeting Sponsorship $3,000

The primary focus of this opportunity is to educate and support new and current neuropathy patients, caregivers, and family members affected by neuropathy. 


Neuropathy Alliance of Texas (NATX) offers monthly neuropathy support group meetings at three locations in Central Texas to share information and resources about daily living with neuropathy. These meetings feature expert speakers drawn from a wide variety of disciplines that can affect quality-of-life issues and provide practical strategies for “Living Well with Neuropathy.”  Approximately 100 neuropathy patients and caregivers attend NATX’s meetings on a regular basis.  This grant would support one group for one year.


Currently, there is no cure for neuropathy, so patients are left with treating the symptoms and finding ways to maintain or improve quality of life.  Diagnosis can often take years, partly because many people have not heard of neuropathy, so awareness is crucial in helping people affected get an earlier diagnosis which will increase the chances of receiving effective treatment.  NATX’s vision is that anyone in Texas with or affected by neuropathy receives the support and education they need to more effectively handle the disease and live to their fullest potential.


The grant for this educational program includes printing of the meeting agendas, presentation handouts, new member packets, and evaluation forms. It also includes staff time to research, select and coordinate speakers and programs, promote the meetings, as well as attend for on-site management.


  • Company name and logo prominently displayed in the email meeting notices along with verbal recognition at the beginning and end of each meeting.
  • Company name and logo in the New Member packets for 12 months. Packets are given to all new members that attend the support group meetings.
  • Recognition on the NATX website.

To become a Support Group Sponsor, please contact Kelli Craddock, Executive Director: 512-586-6904.