May 5, 2016

Who We Are

It is with heavy hearts that we regret to inform you that the Neuropathy Alliance of Texas will close its operations in 2020. For the past couple years, the organization has faced several hurdles impacting its ability to grow into a self-sustainable, mature non-profit organization. As NATX pushed to maintain and grow its services, we were unable to raise the funds necessary for this expansion. Additionally, we have experienced attrition in the leadership and volunteers that help to provide our services. After a thoughtful discussion of options for the future of NATX, the Board of Directors decided to close down the organization. NATX services will no longer be available after January 2020.

We are in the process of identifying resources and support for our clients once our services are no longer available. As they are available, we will provide a listing of these resources.

Over the past nine years, NATX has helped thousands of people affected by neuropathy to live their best lives. We could not have done this without your support and participation in this journey. We hope that NATX has been able to impact your life in even a fraction of the way you have been a part of ours.